August 29th 2013 KWG Koper Lake NI 43-101 Technical Report


This original claim holder in the Ring of Fire property is situated adjacent to Noront Resources Eagle's Nest Discovery, approximately 400 metres to the southeast. It is located in the James Bay Lowlands, west of Attawapiskat. It is found at the heart of proven nickel and chrome bearing rocks.

Please see Noront's website for further details on the Eagle's Nest occurrence.

Exploration drilling, and borehole and surface EM geophysical surveys began on the McFauld’s Lake Property in mid April, 2010 as follow up to the initial program completed in the fall of 2008. A total of 8,285 meters of drilling was done in two phases, together with eight down-hole EM surveys and three small surface EM surveys in the C-2 and C-6 target areas and in an area along the central south boundary area of the property. The phase II field work was completed on July 7, 2010 and the phase III work was completed in mid-June, 2011. To date a grand total of 40 holes have been drilled on the Fancamp property (12 in 2008, 24 in 2010, and 4 in 2011). The program was designed to test six priority targets and the results yielded sufficient encouragement to warrant further work on at least two of these targets.







The Eagle's Nest occurrence is assumed to be part of 'root zones' of sulphide rich peridotite conduits or feeders intruded into the older granodiorite basement, with sulphides exposed at or near the pre-Paleozoic surface. The targets were considered to be higher structural level exposures of such feeders with possibilities of sulphides buried at depth.  Faulting and alteration zones are common in this region which is characterized by extensive faulting, strong hydrothermal alteration including development of hematite, chlorite and serpentinite.